Dear Visitor,

What is now the Norex Group of Companies with more than 55M€ in turnover and 60 employees, started out in 1983 as a small scale company founded by the brothers Leif & Sture Fredriksson. The first decade many and diverse businesses were tried out, including steel service center operations.
During the second decade the service center had been divested and instead there was much international steel trading. At the same time the first steps were taken in the direction of warehousing and sorting of material, which grew into a real additional business branch.

In the next decade the warehousing business has been elevated and fine tuned into a true core business that has grown 5 times in volume. Furthermore, a new business branch was added in scrap production services to steel mills, enabling Norex to provide a more comprehensive offer to steel mills for all scrap and secondary steel.

Always since the beginning it has been at the heart of Norex's business -our belief- to make the most use of non-prime steel, and with an entrepreneurial spirit seeing others' problems as business opportunities. We are satisfied only when we maximize the value and waste nothing of scrap and secondary steel, thus bringing life to and realizing our vision: Sustainable​ Steel Solutions.

​David Fredriksson