Occasionally we can offer scrap available from the mills where we operate. These offers will be published here.


High density shredded steel with a density of >2,5 ton/m3


Shredded scrap made from production busheling and sticks suitable for cooling and induction melting from charge stock, feeder or direct charging.


Closest classification is ISRI 212, Shredded clippings.


Typical values of analyze in %


Fe               98,6 (98-99%)

Mn              0,4 (75% lower than 0,5)
Si               0,05

P                0,02

S                0,02

Al               0,05

Ni               < 0,1

Cr               < 0,1
Cu              < 0,1 (0,03)

Mo              < 0,1


Nothing is presorted, so there is a wide variation due to production that have a much wider analyze.

Currently we have about 2-3000 mt available. If you are interested in this scrap please send an e-mail to Henrik Fredriksson​ with requested volume, destination and price idea.