Our services

Receiving of material
To receive material and work with Quality Assured treatment is a part of our daily work.
Sorting and Stock handling
To secure the correct material in stock together with a highly qualified organization to make best possible raw material for the Steel Plant is for us an essential part of our service.
Material upgrading by processes
We also lift up the value of the material by our qualified processes to make high density cooling scrap in different qualities, and with different technology based on the Steel Plants need.
Material upgrading by treatment
We are experts in gas and mechanical cutting of steel to classified scrap.
Transport and loading
To transport is also a value added service, when you can do this in a secured way with weighing and just in time. We take care of the planning, the machines on wheels and the organization based on the Steel Plants need.
We always run in parallel development projects together with our partners and the Steel Plants, because we are in many areas the experts.
We have the knowledge about most of a Steel Plants need for service, but we limit us to areas where we can add value in the chain of material direct related to scrap, secondary material and waste material for treatment.