Steel Plant Service

One of the leading companies in the Nordic region in service to the Steel industry
​Norex Steel Plant Service gives added value in handling and treatment in service for the Steel industry. In some areas we have the best available technology (BAT) in the area of secondary raw material and scrap within and between the Steel plants.We work in a lot of areas such as logistics, measurement, sorting, handling and upgrading for higher value including complete production lines to make and cut material to specific needs for best use of alloy elements.​​​ ​​​​​​​
Our contribution in the Steel Society

We are a part of the Steel Industry to secure the Steel Plants focus on their core business. This also means cooperation in development under the umbrella of the Steel society, as one of the members in Jernkontoret​, the Swedish Steel Producers Associations. This is a part of our long term commitment to secure the best adapted service possible.
Our market

To have our service located at Steel Plants with a need of high quality service and upgrading of material, mainly but not limited to flat products. We think that the best marketing is our own plants and production locations, and to have the best possible adapted technology for our partner’s needs.​