About Service

Norex offers scrap-related services to steel mills, helping them with scrap management and upgrades that generate added value, offer significant environmental benefits, and reduce the
need for resmelting.

About Service

At the steel mill

Scrap logistics
We manage and optimise the flow of scrap, as well as defective and recycled materials from the production process at the steel mills. By doing so we enhance efficiency, safety, and profitability. Our services include receipt of goods, grading, sorting, stocktaking, transport, and loading.

Upgrading of steel scrap
We maximise the value of scrap and defective materials by sorting and analysing the quality and, if necessary, processing the material. By doing so we ensure all the steel is used optimally. Flow optimisation lowers the environmental impact of steelmaking and the overall cost of producing new steel, ultimately securing the highest scrap value for the steel mill.
Certain materials can be sold on as non-prime steel or alloy-sorted scrap. Others can be upgraded through fragmentation into smaller pieces that can then be reused as high-density cooling scrap in steel production. Some materials are cut into re-chargeable scrap or sorted metallurgically, after which they are recharged in a melt shop or are sold on to foundries.

Workplace safety
Safety is the number one priority on all Norex production lines. Norex makes use of 5S methodology (Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardise and Sustain) to reduce waste, optimise productivity, and improve safety.