Norex Trade division

Norex offers non-prime steel – bought in batches from various steel mills – to smaller manufacturers, who can then use it optimally in their production.

About Trade

About Trade

Norex buys non-prime steel in large batches or through regular supplies from leading European steel mills and stockholders. The steel is first delivered to our own storage facilities, where it is inspected and graded using our in-house classification system. It is then marketed and sold online, although mainly through our sales representatives, to small and medium-sized customers in more than 60 countries.

Our online stock list is continuously updated with new materials, availability details, and current prices. It is easy to search for the required material and to calculate product and transport costs.

With storage facilities all over the world, we offer a large range of quality materials for immediate delivery to manufacturers who are looking to keep their stock levels to a minimum. As Norex is the only intermediary, manufacturers benefit from significant cost savings and a full service offering.

Enhanced accessibility, rapid delivery, and providing the desired level of quality make Norex a reliable, long-term business partner.