Norex classification system

Norex has developed a classification system for grading non-prime steel, enabling steel-dependent businesses to know when and where to use the steel and to benefit from reduced costs.

Norex classification system

Classified non-prime steel

Buying steel without mill certification or which is not of prime status can be risky. It is important to assess where the steel can be safely used and where it should be avoided. With detailed knowledge of any flaws, second-grade steel can in many cases be used to manufacture a first-class product.

Norex enlists its own classification system to help customers choose the grade of steel best suited to their needs. The system is designed to eliminate the problems that arise from the application of different classification standards in different countries and from receiving steel from different mills. Regardless of the origin of the material, Norex consistently applies its own classification system.

Our quality experts inspect, classify, and provide details of every single batch, item by item, according to our quality classification system. Grading is from N1 to N4, where N1 is the highest quality. This allows manufacturers to choose a satisfactory steel grade to suit their specific production needs, safe in the knowledge that they will have prompt delivery of a product that matches their quality requirements and expectations.

N1 – Highest non-prime quality with insignificant defects
N2 – High non-prime quality with a few / minor defects
N3 – Medium non-prime quality with some / larger defects
N4 – Low non-prime quality with significant defects

When choosing their product, the customers will have detailed information about:

  • Weight and measurements,
  • Photographs,
  • Apparent defects,
  • Steel grade, or if unknown, steel grade range,
  • Norex classification