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Sustainable Steel Solutions™

With more than 40 years experience in the steel industry, our vision has always been to make the most of the worlds’ steel. We create Sustainable steel solutions. Everyday. For our future.


The Earth’s Resources are Finite – We Take Care of our Future

Norex is dedicated to maximising the use of the world’s steel through our sustainable solutions.

We provide sustainable and cost-effective steel solutions in various scrap and slag-related services to steel mills, helping them with scrap management and upgrades that generate added value. We thereby help creating significant environmental benefits, enhance the reuse of scrap and slag, reducing waste and optimising resource utilization including reduced alloy consumption. Ultimately, we also help steel mills to sell non-prime products to the market and thereby reduce Co2 and the need for remelting.

For our steel buying customers we have developed dedicated solutions enabling them to confidently buy suitable steel for their production, straight from stock, at more affordable prices and with full reliability in material quality. Founded in 1983 by Leif and Sture Fredriksson, Norex remains a family-owned business committed to reliability and innovation, ensuring the best solutions for our partners while striving for 100% recyclability of steel – and we are not done until this is achieved!

Our steel products

Steel Trade

We assist manufacturers and steel producers in using non-prime steel for prime applications. Our solutions allow customers to confidently purchase suitable materials directly from stock at more affordable prices.

Our services

Steel Mill Services

We help steel mills concentrate on their core business by managing and enhancing the value of their side operations, thereby reducing overall costs and environmental impact.

Scrap managementProcessing of Material
  • Coil cutting
  • Plate and sheet cutting
  • Hydraulic shear cutting
  • Torch cutting in automated machine
  • Manual torch cutting
  • Emission filtering
Scrap managementCooling Scrap Production
  • Vertical scrap shredding
  • Hammer mill shredding
Scrap managementRaw Material Management
  • Raw material yard management
  • Sorting and analyzing
  • Scrap basket loading and transport
Scrap managementScrapyard Management and Logistics
  • Weighing, Sorting & Analyzing of materials
  • Stock management
  • Sizing of materials
  • Loading and Transportation of materials
Scrap managementComplementary Services
  • Administration systems
  • Analyzing steel grade quality
  • Scrap basket loading and transport


Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Steel Management

Decades of Industry Experience

With nearly 40 years of expertise since the 1980s, Norex excels in scrap management and non-prime steel supply. Trust us for industry-leading solutions and knowledge.

Trusted Collaborations Across the Globe

At Norex, we cultivate global partnerships, sought after for delivering uncompromised quality. Join our satisfied clients in a network built on long-standing relationships.

Sustainable Steel Solutions

At Norex sustainability is not an afterthought; it is our business model. We are dedicated to sustainable steel practices, minimising waste and reducing resmelting, extending the lifespan of steel.

Guided by Our Core Values

Reliability and innovation define our approach. We ensure transparency, fulfil promises, and continually develop new solutions to provide the stability and flexibility our customers need.