Steel Trading

We aid manufacturers and steel producers to utilize non-prime steel in prime applications. We enable our customers to confidently buy suitable material for their production, straight from stock, at more affordable prices.

Steel Trading

40+ years experience
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International sales
80 000ton/year

Your Reliable Partner in the World of Steel

We specialize in sourcing high-quality non-prime steel from leading European steel mills and classifying the steel using our proprietary system which includes a rigorous inspection and documentation of findings. We make them accessible to our customers through our webshop and dedicated sales representatives, serving customers and suppliers across more than 60 countries.

Steel Products We Offer

Cold rolled

Coils, Cut to lenght sheets, Slit coils

Hot rolled

Black, Pickled & Oiled, Coils, Cut to lenght sheets, Slit coils, Off-cut Sheets


Coils, Cut to lenght sheets,, Off-cut Sheets



Coils, Slit coils, Off-cut lamination from new manufacturing, Used Transformer Lamination


Coils, Slit coils



Coils, Cut to lenght sheets, Slit Coils, Off-cut Sheets


Coils, Cut to lenght sheets, Slit Coils, Off-cut Sheets

Services we offer

Logistics solutions

  • FCA our warehouse
  • CPT your location

Coil cut to length

We cut the coils you choose to desired sizes

Coil slit to width (size)

We slit the coils you choose to desired sizes

If you have any questions about the products we offer or have any other inquires you are welcome to reach out to us.

Norex Classification System

Worried about steel quality? We’ve got you covered. Norex has developed a classification system for grading secondary steel. Our experts meticulously inspect, classify, and provide detailed information about the steel, enabling you to choose the right steel grade for your specific production needs.

  • N1: Highest non-prime quality with insignificant defects
  • N2: High non-prime quality with a few/minor defects
  • N3: Medium non-prime quality with some/larger defects
  • N4: Low non-prime quality with significant defects

Our application of our classification system along with detailed product information, ensures that our customers can determine if a product fulfils their quality requirements, allowing you as a customer to make informed decisions remotely.

Explore Our Webshop – Your Gateway to Quality Steel

Our webshop is a dynamic marketplace where you can find our current stock of steel and request quotation by a button. The platform provides real-time updates on material availability and competitive pricing. Its user-friendly interface simplifies the process of finding the right steel and calculating product and transport costs.

Our webshop is your gateway to a wide selection of steel products. Each product listing includes:

  • Weight and Dimensions
  • Steel Grade / Steel Quality
  • Photos
  • Norex Classification
  • Known Deviations

You can confidently select the steel that matches your needs based on detailed information provided.