About Us

Making the most of the worlds’ steel.


What We Do

Our mission is to make the most of the world’s steel and do so by providing sustainable steel solutions. We do this in two main ways, in two different business units:

Steel Trade

Our Steel Trade division facilitates distribution of non-prime steel from steel producers to manufacturers worldwide – the most cost and environmentally efficient solution.

Steel Mill Services

Our Steel Mill Services division manages scrap- and slag related processes at steel mills, for highest efficiency in the reuse of the materials. Want to learn more about how we work? Check out these pages:


The Story of Norex

Norex was founded in 1983 by the brothers Leif and Sture Fredriksson. The idea of Norex was born about a decade earlier when the brothers observed how prime-steel off-cuts were discarded as waste. Norex emerged from a shared commitment to “Making the most of the world’s steel.” as the Fredriksson brothers set out to capitalise on the potential of these materials. Thus started the journey of trading non-prime steel, a category that included steel with minor irregularities yet remained perfectly suited for manufacturers worldwide – this created what we know today as the Norex Steel Trade division. In 2003 Sture’s son, David Fredriksson took over the leadership and continued the family owned business’ legacy.

From the steel trading base, Norex broadened the scope vertically as we saw that in steel production, apart from non-prime materials, there were also outputs such as scrap and slag that could be handled more efficiently. We saw potential in being able to offer more efficient management of steel mills by-product processes, saving them money, time and resources. This business idea was exactly in line with Norex’s core vision to make the most of the world’s steel, as good handling of scrap and slag enables better reuse of these materials. This part of Norex is what we today call the Norex Steel Mill Services division.

From what once started with two brothers and a good business idea, Norex is today selling non-prime steel to 1000 customers in more than 60 countries, managing by-products for seven different steel mills in Sweden and Finland and employing more than 200 people. And by the way, we are still a family owned business.

Steel can be 100% recyclable, and we are not done until this is happening.


Our Core Values

Our core values are summarised in the words reliability and innovation. These values are reflected in everything we do, from our daily work to our long-term business relationships.

Reliability for us means that we believe that transparency and participation on all levels internally and in between business partners is a foundation for long term positive development and profitability. Reliability is also a commitment to deliver upon promises and expectations.

Innovation summarises that we never settle for second best. We are always working to streamline our processes and develop new solutions to business as well as technical opportunities. We challenge ourselves and take an innovative and flexible stance to our business partners’ challenges.

At Norex, we take pride in being a reliable business partner that provides efficient management and innovative solutions at all of our facilities. We guarantee the stability that our customers seek and the flexibility that they need.