Our vision: Waste nothing


Sustainability – Waste nothing

Our vision is to make the world’s steel fully utilised, thus contributing to a sustainable future. We fulfil our vision by creating efficient solutions for steel and scrap.

Norex’s Trade Division expands the life span of the steel by maximising the utilization of secondary steel.

Norex’s Service Division optimises scrap-related processes, thus contributing to a more sustainable steel production.

Sustainability reports

In our sustainability reports, we report transparently on our progress, challenges and learnings. The aim is to demonstrate how our continuous efforts to improve and optimise our work will contribute to a more sustainable steel industry. The reports showcase our efforts in reducing our carbon footprint, optimizing resource consumption and promoting diversity and inclusion. They provide insights into our efforts to create a more sustainable society, highlighting our achievements and outlining the challenges we face.

We firmly believe that by embracing sustainable practices, we can contribute to a greener and more equitable future.

Reducing costs and carbon footprint

Non-prime, secondary, second grade, defective, and scrap are all terms used for by-products from the steel-making process. By-products that are both usable and valuable.

During the steelmaking process certain production issues inevitably arise, although much of what is labelled non-prime steel might only have been cut or formed into slightly nonstandard dimensions, be surplus production or out of tolerance, have roll marks, weight deviations or handling damage. It is often in such good condition that it is perfectly suitable for the manufacturing of steel products.

Steel is 100 per cent recyclable and, non-prime steel is often smelted and reused. Although smelting and reforming steel is cheaper than the original production process, it still results in significant energy use and carbon dioxide emissions. In response, Norex helps steel mills reduce their carbon footprint and offers manufacturers significant cost savings.

Norex Product Trade and Norex Steel Mill Services
The Trade Division offers non-prime steel to smaller steel product manufacturers worldwide, who can put it to good use at their plants. The Services Division offers scrap-related services to steel mills, helping them with scrap management and upgrades that generate added value and offer significant environmental benefits.