Steel Mill Services

Norex are proud to enable several steel mills to focus on their core business, while we manage and increase the value of their side businesses. Thereby reducing overall cost and environmental impact.

Steel Mill Services

40+ years experience
Operate at 7 steel works
150+ employees
2 000 000 ton/year

Maximizing the value of your scrap and slag residual flows

We are proud to be a valuable player in the industry, sustainably contributing to both the environment and our customers’ success. With decades of experience, Norex offers a comprehensive range of scrap- and slag related services to steel works in the Nordic countries. Our commitment goes beyond routine scrap- and slag management. We bring a combination of expertise, reliability, and innovation to the table, where the aim always is to maximize the value in each process. We always stive for cost-efficiency with minimal CO2 emissions and ultimately a fossil free production.

Services we offer

Scrap Management

Processing of material

  • Coil cutting
  • Plate and sheet cutting
  • Hydraulic shear cutting
  • Torch cutting in automated machine
  • Manual torch cutting
  • Emission filtering

Cooling scrap production

  • Vertical scrap shredding
  • Hammer mill shredding

Raw material management

  • Raw material yard management
  • Sorting and analyzing
  • Scrap basket loading and transport

Scrapyard management and logistics

  • Weighing, Sorting & Analyzing of materials
  • Stock management
  • Sizing of materials
  • Loading and Transportation of materials

Complementary services

  • Administration systems
  • Analyzing steel grade quality
  • Scrap basket loading and transport

Slag and By-Product Management

Processing of material

  • Breaking of slag material
  • Crushing & Screening of slag material
  • Magnet separation
  • Briquetting
  • Pig iron processing

Yard management and logistics

Weighing, Sorting & Analyzing

Stock management

Loading and Transportation

Complementary services

  • Administration systems
  • Analyzing slag fractions
  • Maintenance and repair of equipment

If you have any questions about our services or any other business inquiries regarding our Steel Mill Services, you are welcome to reach out to us.

Norex contribution to a fossil free steel industry

Norex’s ultimate goal is to achieve fossil-free steel production. To reach this goal, we are constantly challenging ourselves, our technology, and our work methods. In our day-to-day operations, we prefer electrically powered vehicles and machines wherever possible. Furthermore, we always strive to be at the forefront of exploring and implementing new environmentally friendly technologies and work methods, such as using hydrogen for cutting.

Ultimately our continuous strive for fossil free solutions ensures that we provide updated and sustainable practices for our customers.

Sustainability is more than Co2 emmissions, want to read more about Norex’ sustainability work, read more here:

Workplace Safety: A Top Priority

Safety is at the core of all our operations. Everyone working at Norex shall have a safe and healthy workplace. We achieve this through dedicated preventative safety work, documented procedures, and continual improvements linking root cause analysis to corrective actions.

References of ongoing work

We are currently operating at seven steel mills across Sweden and Finland. Have a look at our current operations:

Gothenburg (HQ)